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Sophie Styling

Personal Styling Service

I offer a friendly service, considering your needs and concerns whilst providing personalised information to help you look and feel great! Get in touch today.

Who Am I?

I am Sophie, a personal stylist based in Manchester who graduated from the London College of Style with ‘Distinction’.   


Prior to becoming a personal stylist, my work experience developed my people skills by way of helping others, learning to listen, offering empathy as well as acknowledging the diversity of life. However, fashion and styling have always been my biggest interests and a passion that I have wanted to pursue.   


Combining my values, interests and life experiences with the core values of professionalism, approachability and empathy, has been the driving force behind my desire to become a personal stylist and it's a role I find totally fulfilling. My aim is to make my clients feel comfortable, understood and to open their minds to ideas for a fresh new wardrobe and colour options that they will love!  


Discussing Style

Enhance Your Wardrobe Today

My Styling Services

I offer advice and guidance on how to look at styles that will reflect your personality, make you feel comfortable, all within your budget, that will ultimately showcase the best of you no matter what the occasion! Together, we will explore ways of enhancing or even changing your existing wardrobe so that it excites you and encourages you to build a dress sense that fires up your imagination. 


"I really enjoyed my colour analysis with Sophie. She made me feel really comfortable and I have come away with so much knowledge!

When I arrived the drapes had all been set up nicely on a table next to a chair with a mirror opposite. Sophie sat me down and explained the process and I immediately felt at ease. She is so friendly and smiled throughout so I didn’t feel awkward sat in front of a mirror with no make up on! I didn’t expect to see such a difference with the different coloured drapes against my face but it really works! The season that Sophie chose brightened my complexion and it was so interesting to see how my dark circles appeared reduced with certain colours. I am known for always wearing black and thanks to Sophie and her excellent analysis I am already trying to add colour to my outfits.
Thank you so much!"


"Sophie matched my style perfectly! She selected colours and fits of dresses and jumpsuits that would suit my shape and skin tone.

I loved the colours of the accessories that complement and add another colour to the outfit! I can’t wait to get ordering and try them on! Sophie was kind throughout and was willing to ask any questions and support however she could! I will definitely be coming back next time I am struggling! Thanks so much!"


"Sophie's ability to recognise my personal sense of style and how to choose many outfits using it."

"Looking for something to wear for an occasion or just going out with friends was a headache, especially when I have such a busy life and not much time to prepare. So, I approached Sophie for her input, and I was amazed at the options and colours she presented to me that I simply wouldn’t have thought of myself - it was a true lesson in style and I was hooked! The items of clothing and variety of accessories, all carefully chosen, have made dressing effortless and I appear to have more outfits using varied combinations than before – IT’S MAGIC - all done in a relaxed, friendly environment at my own convenience. Thanks again Sophie, see you later this month for my winter review xx"

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