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A Styling Session

About Me

With guidance and collaborative thinking, I will be able to develop a suitable and carefully chosen style and wardrobe for you that is both comfortable and fabulous! Get in touch today.

I work with people from all walks of life and of varying age groups, I consider individual shapes, sizes, ages and budgets to help people feel great. 

By providing a friendly, honest, open and person-centred service, starting with a consultation, I will listen to your desires, any concerns you may have and your own thoughts, to help establish an understanding of what would work for you - I WANT TO GET TO KNOW YOU.

To me, mindful shopping means shopping pieces that will either be versatile or a staple item in your wardrobe that will also stand the test of time. Trends can be noted, and a palette of colours can be discussed to inject fun into your wardrobe providing variety and in the moment looks. Quality over quantity. Less is more. Having too much choice can make getting dressed just as difficult as having too little.  


During our sessions we will discuss how each garment/accessory can be incorporated into your existing wardrobe and decide whether it is deserving of a place. 


I believe that each person has their own unique style and requirements and their wardrobe should be modelled around it. We will curate your perfect wardrobe together! 

Sophie Styling Picture
Sophie Styling Session

Shopping mindfully and dressing in a way that flatters your figure and complexion whilst showcasing your personality is challenging for a lot of people. I want to alleviate the stress that can come with getting dressed for different occasions from work to weddings and to fill you with confidence that you can style yourself fabulously in a way that represents YOU. 


To do this we will work together. I will listen to your likes and dislikes, wants and concerns whilst providing you with advice and information to reach your style goal. My goal is to help you feel your best! 


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